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Lowland shaman Peter de Haan and Costa del Soul will take you on a magical drum building journey from 22-26 march 2024. On an Andalusian mountain with breathtaking views, close to National Park Sierra de las Nieves, you will build your own drum, connect with animal spirits, enjoy delicious food and the company of like minded people. 

Listening to your heart becomes a lot easier when playing your own sacred drum. They both beat the same rhythm and will guide you on your spiritual path. Now is your chance to create a sacred tool that will be with you on your life's journey. Crafted with your own hands, with intuitively chosen high quality materials.

Costa del Soul's beautiful location is the ideal base to connect with spirit animals and fellow drum builders. Enjoy the Phoenix Fireplace, Hot Tub with a view and sleep in a comfortable bed in a spacious glamping tent.

Let's craft, connect, and captivate through the magic of sound. 🥁


Our unique PERSON© drum stands out for its design and durability, resulting in a longer lifespan and a more stable sound. Discover why our drums excel:

  • Standard 20 attachment points instead of 16.
  • No use of glue when attaching the skin to the frame.
  • Double-folded skin on weak attachment points or a laced seam with 60 to 80 stitches for thin skins.
  • Prevents tearing and maintains excellent sound quality for an extended period.
  • Ergonomic handle with a choice of a 5-ray hoop or a square cross for even tension.

Event info

📅 Dates: 22-26 March 2024
* 22/3 Arrival, dinner & Opening Ceremony around the fire
* 23/3 Drum Building Day with Lowlands Shaman Peter de Haan
* 24/3 Hike to the waterfall, connecting with animal spirts in National Park Sierra de las Nieves
* 25/3 HUMANIMAL workshop (a self-discovery journey to activate the power of choice) with Javier García Contreras & inauguration drum at Full Moon in Virgo (and partial lunar eclipse)
* 26/3 Breakfast & Safe journey home

📍 Location: COSTA DEL SOUL, Guáro, Málaga, Spain

🥑 Including all high quality materials, experienced guidance, healthy drinks, vegan breakfast/lunch/dinner

💸 An investment of €850 for a tool for life & this memorable experience. This is a once in a lifetime fee, because you will be one of the first guests of Costa del Soul. A true pioneer!

✈️ We can assist you with a transfer from Málaga airport

What awaits you?

🔮 Unearth the Magic: Discover the profound significance of shamanic drums and their connection to your inner self. Feel the energy as you create a drum that resonates with your intentions and dreams.

🌟 Guided Crafting: No prior experience needed! Our expert guide will lead you step by step, from selecting the perfect materials to tuning in to the cosmic frequencies. Channel your creativity and bring your unique drum to life.

🥁 Sustainable Material Usage: Construct your drum using skins from trustworthy suppliers. None of the animals were killed for their skins! Standard skins include Goat, Cow, Horse and Deer as they yield the best results.

🔥 Sacred Knowledge: Immerse yourself in the history and significance of shamanic drums across cultures. Gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual connection between drumming and transcendence.

🧡 Connect and Share: Engage with fellow participants who are on the same rhythmic journey. Forge new connections, share stories, and be part of a community that celebrates the art of drum making.

🌿 Nature's Rhythms: Immerse yourself in a serene natural setting that enhances the spiritual experience. Let the rustling leaves and chirping crickets inspire your creative flow.

About Peter the Lowland Shaman

For over 30 years, Dutch 'Lowland Shaman' Peter de Haan encouraged people to give attention to what they want to achieve. "I work from the belief that everything changes, including the shamanic field. We need to move with it, without being unfaithful to our roots. Now that the Age of Aquarius has arrived, the world will slowly embrace more humane values. To do that, we must first turn inward, find our own center, and become our own teacher. The drum supports that process in many ways. It helps you embark on that journey within, helps you trust, helps you bring forth manifestations. In short, make sure you create a drum that truly becomes your Wheel of Change."

About HUMANIMAL Founder Javier García Contreras

Because of his curious nature and passion for movement, HUMANIMAL founder Javier García Contreras is always evolving. He loves to transfer his knowledge, experience and social skills to help you reach a higher level, respecting physical and emotional limits.

Javi García Contreras | HUMANIMAL | workshop body language

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